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Villa Luxury Warm duvet

Villa Luxury Warm duvet

The duvet Villa Luxury Warm signed Villa Luxury Beds is characterized by a particular finishing of the fabric through the use of silver ions, which makes it antibacterial and fungicidal, respecting the natural pH of the skin.
To this peculiarity is added a surprising softness given by the texture of fine cotton "Nano Batista" and padding in pure down (filling power 850cuin), which give a soft feeling of wrapping.
The very high filling power (filling power 850cuin) which, combined with the high heat-regulating and breathable capacities, increases the quality of the Villa Luxury Warm duvet in terms of comfort, thermal insulation, breathability and lightness and makes it perfect for the winter season.

can be washed in a washing machine max 40° and dried in a dryer max 50°

Available sizes:

  • 155x220 480gr
  • 240x220 740gr.
  • 260x240 870gr.
  • possibility to have it customized

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