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Who we are

Villa Luxury Beds è a brand created by the thirty-year experience of Villa Arredamenti Interior Solutions. It comes from the selection of the best world-wide productions in the rest sector to guarantee you only the 26-rsquo; excellence. Here you can try the best beds in the world made only with natural materials più precious (like real horsehair, wool or pure cotton) and with patented spring systems to guarantee unparalleled support and comfort. In the Luxury Beds spaces there are also a’ wide selection of pillows and duvets made with quality 26-agrave feathers; superior, exclusive duvets made of silk, linen in refined yarns such as linen and soft cotton or wonderful satin. The propertyà and the staff, trained directly at the production sites, sarà at your disposal, with extreme courtesy and availabilityà ;, to accompany you in choosing the best products for you, essential to give you the best nights and, consequently, the best days of your life

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