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Villa Light duvet

The Villa Light duvet, wrapped in the finest cotton fabric " Batista" and featuring a & # 39; padding in 100 # 37 duvet (Filling Power 770 Cuin) è extraordinarily soft to the touch and very refined. The texture of the coating è certified anti-mite and è therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers, ensuring relief and a comfortable sleep.

An experience of rejuvenating sleep is guaranteed, a surprising lightness as well as excellent abilities; insulators. L& # 39; experience of rest è further improved thanks to the right degree of thermal insulation and high breathability, which ensure a dry rest and extreme comfort in the Autumn and Spring season

Machine washable max 40° and tumble dry max 50°


Available sizes:

  • 155x220 260gr
  • 240x220 400gr.
  • 260x240 470gr.
  • possibilityà to have it tailored

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