We have always used and offered only products built with natural materials, respecting the philosophy with which we were born and grown over the years, highlighting the eco-sustainability and attention to the health and well-being of our customers.

The history of VILLA luxury beds

In 2000, the owner of Villa Arredamenti, sleeps by chance on a bed in the suite of a large hotel in New York: it’s love at first sight. The next morning, after waking up completely regenerated and in strength, she uncovers the bed to see what she had slept on. She had never had such a feeling of well-being, despite being in the industry practically from birth.

Back in Italy with the dream of bringing that comfort still unknown in her country, she puts in contact a Swedish company and finally, in 2003, she founds the partnership and the business branch that will deal in the future only natural well-being for sleep.

VILLA - luxury beds - will also integrate an English brand and a completely handmade Italian production, always maintaining the same goals, ensuring a selected offer, excellence in the world of sleep.

A shop in shop inside the store of Cornate d'Adda and a showroom in Milan, Viale Piave 9 are entirely dedicated to the importance of good sleep, synonymous with well-being and health. There you can try the best beds and mattresses in the world, bed linen, blankets, pillows and duvets made exclusively by hand and with the finest natural materials.

The philosophy of VILLA luxury beds

We have always used and offered only products made with natural materials, respecting the philosophy with which we were born and grown over the years, highlighting the sustainability and paying attention to the health and well-being of our customers.

VILLA - luxury beds - has anticipated what is now a necessity more than a fashion: eco-sustainability and wellness care. It is proven that the use of only natural materials improves the quality of life and sleep. Quality that is also found in the manufacturing process: all our products are made by hand and through the best artisanal techniques in the industry.

Why only natural materials

Body temperature is crucial for the quality of sleep: the sooner the bed helps you reduce the temperature, the sooner you can fall asleep. And if it helps you maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night, it increases your chances of sleeping very well. If you have chosen to sleep on a synthetic or rubbery mattress, it is very likely that within 30 or 40 minutes the warm climate will affect your sleep by getting micro awakenings of which you may not even be aware. If you choose to sleep on natural materials, they will regulate your temperature by evaporating moisture, keeping you cool and dry in any climate. Each fiber inserted in our mattresses has specific properties that will give you the best possible rest.

WOOL - wool is the most hygroscopic fiber that is able to absorb water vapor without leaving wet and returning it to the environment. It has a high thermal power, is naturally fireproof, water-repellent, not susceptible to mold, does not produce electrostatic charges, is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

CASHMERE - eight times warmer than sheep's wool is also noticeably lighter. Soft and luxurious, it gives to the mattresses a unique and distinctive feeling

CAMMEL - extreme finesse and softness make this fiber an excellent thermal insulator, capable of incorporating amount of heated air that prevents heat exchange and transforms it into an ideal padding. Remarkably hydroscopic, more than sheep's wool, ensures a dry and pleasant microclimate.

SILK - fresh, soft, odorless and hypoallergenic, whit its technical ability to adapt to the temperatures of the environment and its insulating properties, along with those moisturizing sericin, is the perfect material for the top layer of mattresses and pillows.

VICUNA - very rare and precious is an ultralight and extremely soft fiber. It comes from remote regions of the Andes, is 100% biodegradable and lacks lanolin, which makes it extremely absorbent and naturally hypoallergenic.

ANIMAL HAIR OR VEGETABLE HAIR - elastic and flexible like spring, highly hygroscopic and as such absorbs maisture that the human body evaporates when we sleep and disperses it in the air during the day. The particular workmanship makes it very resilient over time ensuring, with a considerable chang of air, freshness in the warm periods of the year.

LINEN - the natural enemy of static electricity. During the day our body accumulates a charge of static electricity comparable to thousands of volts, which is why in our mattresses there is a high amount of linen.

COTTON - the white gold of natural fibers. All of us have used pure cotton clothing for its softness and freshness in contact with our skin, and that is why our mattresses do not only have cotton inthe padding bat also in the lining.

You will never sleep again in the midst of foam, polyurethane, latex or other rubbery fibers. VILLA -luxury beds- Promise!