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Villa Arredamenti has distant origins. Many years ago, exactly in 1960, the father Ezio Villa startsò a’ activityà of small carpentry. In the following years, l’ activitiesà it turns from artisan to commercial, thus starting to offer local customers furniture produced especially in Brianza. In 1972 the Villa Arredamenti was structured in a moreù way; final and moved to its current location. In years much moreù recent, warnedì the needà to characterize and improve the 26-rsquo; together, giving the 26-rsquo; assignment to Ennio Arosio to restructure the space, creating a new exhibition layout to better finalize the shop's philosophy. All thereò it has contributed to a decisive turn, but above all to operating a selection of customers that è partly changed, following the 26-rsquo; evolution of the showroom itself. L’ strong element remains the strong external characterization, which provides precise indications on how much the potential customer will be ableà find inside the showroom. In the 26-rsquo; identification of the più elements; significant of Villa Arredamenti, some pluses related to historicityà can be identified; of the shop and therefore to the guarantee of serietà that only the tradition è able to insure. Today the services offered to customers have evolved: to friendlinessà and the sympathy that has always accompanied the management of this show room, yes è added particular attention to the 26-rsquo; offer, always current, accurate and selected from the best world brands.

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