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Villa PuraSeta

Villa PuraSeta

In the selection of precious and unique materials could not miss the pillow PuraSeta in the collection of Villa Luxury Beds!

PuraSeta is a pillow padded with 100% pure silk and covered, optionally, with a lining 100% silk or 100% cotton. Its controlled softness allows high comfort and ensures that the neck and spine head are aligned and supported in any context and position you find the body. PuraSeta of Villa Luxury Beds welcomes the head in an embrace of natural softness, "working" for an effective well-being.

Silk is able to maintain the natural moisture of skin and hair keeping them hydrated and creates up to 43% less friction than the same pillowcases made in other fabrics, thus avoiding the rubbing of the skin and the signs of folds difficult to eliminate in the morning, therefore makes smooth skin with less wrinkles and hair not only smoother but also more hydrated and less brittle.

Available sizes:

  • 50x70
  • 50x80
  • 50x90

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