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The most exclusive of our beds

Absolute perfection. The result of our centennial passion for l’ craftsmanship and the production of beds. In the history of 26-rsquo; humanityà nobody has ever slept in a bed like Hä stens Vividus . You will be one of the lucky ones. We went to work to build the best bed in the world. We have collected the più teachings; precious 160 years of artisan experience. We have searched all over the world for the best techniques to give the best and most comfortable sleep to the human body. We looked for the più natural materials; prized all over the planet. And we put everything in the hands of our più craftsmen; skilled and experienced.

We work exclusively by hand with natural materials. Hä stens Vividus is born from this exclusive process. Simply unmatched. Vividus è made with the utmost care. Each bed è produced in compliance with customer instructions and requires over 160 hours of labor. Hä stens Vividus è absolute perfection. The result of our wealth of experience and our passion for l’ art of artisanal creation. Years and generations of skillsà and experience come together in a bed that offers an unprecedented rest experience for the body and soul. We firmly believe that it is l’ work d’ art of rest par excellence on earth.

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