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Original design and excellent softness: discover the Hastens beds

The Hästens articulated beds are an evolution of our continental beds, for an unprecedented experience of rest. To the advantages of the continental beds we have added the possibility to adjust the part of the head and feet. Made exclusively with natural materials
The Scandinavian Hästens beds they have an original design, consisting of a rigid spring bed and a mattress for excellent surface softness. The frame is in Swedish pine, a wood originating from the forests of the deep North, renowned for its remarkable resistance and robustness. The exclusive double spring system and natural materials offer exceptional comfort, flexibility and lightness, creating a perfect resting atmosphere. All in a compact shape with a unique minimalist design and extraordinary versatility.

You can decide whether to use the bed with or without an external structure and, since your Hästens bed is customized, you can choose the size as well as the colors, the feet, the headboard and the rigidity you prefer. Hästens Marquis is our stiffest basic model. The intermediate Scandinavian bed model is Hästens Excel , slightly softer but with greater support than Hästens Marquis. Hästens Superia is our superior Scandinavian bed, with features that offer greater support and flexibility.

Compared to Scandinavian beds, the Hästens continental beds , characterized by a greater number of natural material layers, they are beds composed of a solid sprung base, on which rests a reversible mattress with the exclusive system of springs, in harmonic steel and individually wrapped, and finally by the mattress. Together they guarantee a more decisive support with different degrees of softness of the surface and transmit an unparalleled sensation for comfort and resistance. Natural materials breathe creating a perfect rest climate at the right temperature to make you fall asleep immediately and sleep deeply.