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Claudio's Wedding List & Gabriella

When you are lying on Hä stens Maranga, you have the feeling of almost hovering in the air. This bed è the definition of flexibilityà reactive. You feel like wrapped in a soft embrace. When you get up, the bed follows your movements and then immediately returns to the original compact and uniform shape.
For the realization of bed  Maranga Hä stens ha  opted for the best natural materials: horsehair tail, wool, cotton and linen that are hand-worked with the technique layer by layer.

If you want to help realize our dream that will accompany usà for the rest of our life you can use the & # 39; IBAN:

IT73R0503433021000000010210  BANCO BPM SPA branch of Cornate d’ Adda in the name of Villa Arredamenti Srl Interior Solutions

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