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Hastens Vividus mattress

When we created Hästens Vividus, our goal was simple: to outperform any other bed. Giving a new definition to the limits of comfort, quality, craftsmanship and ergonomics. Time and money had no weight.

Our most exclusive second bed

The result is H?stens Vividus. A unique piece made with the best natural materials, with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. It takes a whole 45 days to complete an order - and nine of the world's top artisans work on it. A bed like Vividus can only be experienced in the best stores. During a private VIP sleep test event, we will introduce you to Vividus, its exclusive structure, and the countless options to personalize it.


Weight: 220.7 kg (180x210 cm) Height: 72 cm (including 7 cm Vividus mattress pad, 27 cm mattress, 28 cm base, and 10 cm Vividus legs*) Choose the fabric you like best from categories A, B, or C. Hästens Vividus is available with a stunning range of legs in oak, oak with brass plate, oak with aluminum plate, and solid aluminum, all included in the price of the bed.

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