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Luxury mattresses

Discover the features of our luxury mattresses and choose excellence to ensure a good rest.

The choice of excellence for your comfort.

The term in English: Isle of good rest, the mattress is our best ally for ensuring a perfect sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to choose it carefully because a good night's rest truly rejuvenates the body and mind and recharges us with the necessary energy to face the day. Villa Luxury Bed, in its store in Milan, offers a wide range of high-quality mattresses, carefully crafted in every detail, from the most exclusive brands on the market: Hästens, Vispring, Midsummer Milano, J. Marshall. We await you to discover them and advise you on the most suitable model for your needs!

Natural raw materials for luxury mattresses

For the production of luxury mattresses, only excellent quality raw materials are chosen and used, produced in an eco-sustainable manner, and prioritizing the healthiest ones, suitable for natural fillings, pocket spring supports that are absolutely resistant and comfortable. Material par excellence and one of the indispensable components of a good mattress is virgin wool, used together with cotton and horsehair for the fillings. It offers several benefits: it is elastic and protects from heat in summer and cold in winter; it can absorb a large amount of water without feeling humid; it prevents rheumatic disorders and promotes restful sleep. Cotton, naturally hypoallergenic, is the most favored plant fiber by our skin: it provides a feeling of freshness and promotes mattress ventilation; it absorbs liquids from nighttime perspiration, and it is elastic and soft. Horsehair, humble raw material, possesses incomparable qualities: each curved strand functions as a tiny spring, improving the support and flexibility of the mattress, especially for side sleepers. It is used for the fillings of the most luxurious mattresses.

How to take care of a luxury mattress

Not only the excellent quality of a mattress guarantees us a good rest, but also its correct maintenance and cleaning. 4 fundamental rules to follow:

  • Rotate the mattress: this operation, to be carried out every 15 days in the first months after purchase and then every 3 months, by reversing the head and foot positions, improves the stabilization of the materials the mattress is made of.
  • Protect the mattress: the cover should be protected with a washable mattress protector at high temperatures.
  • Place the mattress on a ventilated support and avoid unsuitable bed bases.
  • Use, by testing it first on a small portion of fabric, a fabric cleaner or furniture foam to remove any stains.