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Luxury bed linen

Dress your bed with the best luxury linens, made with excellent quality fabrics, able to furnish and personalize the sleeping area.

luxury bed linen

Luxury dresses the bed

In the room dedicated to rest, luxury bedding furnishes the environment, making rest comfortable. By playing with fabrics, colors and textures , it is possible to personalize the sleeping area in the best possible way and dress it in style with sheets, throws, duvets, quilts , as in a real interior design project. The bed collections that we offer in our Villa Luxury Bed shop in Milan tell of the craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail with which each product was made. Well-being for those who choose and use them springs from the colours, the patterns, the tactile experience of the precious and high quality materials . The bedding thus becomes real tailoring for the home that perfectly mixes elegance and innovation. Masterful workmanship, 100% natural materials, which know how to regulate body temperature and respect the environment. The bed linen thus becomes the mouthpiece of a unique know-how, in which every detail is studied to ensure full beauty and maximum perfection.

How to choose the linen for our bed

Bed linen must be chosen with care. It welcomes us in moments of rest wrapping us in a soft embrace but also characterizes the whole environment . Choosing the right set of sheets, duvet cover or quilt, allows us to dress our bedroom or guest room with style.

Here are some useful tips to avoid mistakes:

  • Always start from the basics, preferring white, cream and neutral shades, which can then be enriched with a contrasting color or by playing with particular textures or patterns.
  • Combine and layer fabrics by creating personalized combinations, with bright shades or irregular textures, which give a touch of modernity to even the most classic and traditional linens.
  • As in fashion, indulge yourself with accessories and dress the bed with throws, cushions, quilts.

Duvets for warm winter nights

On winter nights, the duvet welcomes us and envelops us in a warm embrace. In order to guarantee a comfortable rest, however, it is important to carefully choose the degree of heat suitable for you and the right padding , which can be of 2 types: in natural or synthetic materials.

The duvet can guarantee a perfect and temperate microclimate if it maintains a constant temperature and excellent breathability. To choose the right degree of heat (thermal resistance), therefore, the temperature of the room and your own perception of it must be evaluated, which will depend on the use of the heating and air conditioning and on sleeping alone or with your partner. At this point we will be able to choose between the various degrees of warmth that characterize the duvets: to increase them is the increase in weight (density of the padding). The thermal resistance of duvets is measured in Tog : the higher this value is, the more capable the product is of retaining heat. Our duvets offer various degrees of warmth, to satisfy the most personal needs.

The types of padding also differentiate the types of duvets: the models in feather are particularly soft, breathable and temperature regulating; those in natural fibers are fresh, hygroscopic and if in wool anti-rheumatic; those with synthetic fiber padding, hypoallergenic and washable even at high temperatures.

Pillows to make rest comfortable

For rest to be of primary importance, the pillow we choose for our bed is also of primary importance. We at Villa Luxury Bed offer you only top quality pillows , padded with feathers like quilts and covered in breathable cotton. Machine washable and can be tumble dried.
To guarantee the body a correct posture during sleep, you could also opt for an anatomical pillow , with polyurethane and polyester fiber padding and microfilm coating. These models are designed to support the head by aligning it with the neck and guarantee a regenerating sleep, as they eliminate tension in the shoulder and neck muscles.
Finally, the cushions with wool padding are particularly soft and offer excellent humidity regulation, thanks to the insulating capacity of the wool.

Add softness to your mattress

With the topper , an accessory for the bed to be placed between the mattress, which attenuates or accentuates the softness, and the mattress cover, we can customize the degree of reception of the bed .

Its main functions:
Regulates body temperature because, thanks to the materials with which it is made, it facilitates air circulation and absorbs excess humidity; Protects the mattress while preserving its life
It turns out to be a handy accessory to take with you to your holiday home, or to use to join two single mattresses side by side on a double bed base.

The topper has a height that varies between 3 and 9 cm: its thickness, together with the type of padding, determines its degree of softness. We advise you not to buy it too high, so as not to "sink" into it, or too thin, because it would not change the firmness of the mattress. The difference between a topper and a mattress cover is that the latter has the sole function of protecting the mattress, of which it does not change the degree of softness, as the former does.

With the toppers you make the mattress softer